RESOUND: Beethoven Symphony No. 9

OrchesterWienerAkademie(c)MeinradHoferRedoutensaal, Vienna Hofburg Palace
26. & 27. September 2015 | 19:30

Martin Haselböck and Orchester Wiener Akademie bring one of the most seminal works of classical music back to its origins: Beethoven’s monumental Ninth Symphony, performed in the Great Redoutensaal of the Vienna Court Palace.

Although the very first performance of the Ninth in early May 1824 took place in the Kärntnertortheater (Carinthian Gate Theatre), which no longer exists, the symphony was given a repeat performance very soon thereafter in the Redoutensaal, owing to overwhelming public demand .  And thus was laid the foundation of the worldwide triumph of the famous ‘Ode to Joy’.

Alle Menschen werden Brüder 
‘All men will be brothers’: today these words, which could not be more relevant to our own times, should sound as an exhortation to humankind.